Just 5 minutes, do this to reduce stress

Just 5 minutes, do this to reduce stress

Just 5 minutes, do this to reduce stress

High-speed Internet, online shopping sites, social media, and the phone is modern technology that ties millions of people in the world. How you can protect yourself and not feel overwhelmed with the effect that technology?

Because in fact, in addition there are positive benefits, there are also negative effects of technology. You become too busy with the outside world and it can make you depressed. Bad comments on social media, lost control of his finances because too many shopping and more. Finally, you stress.

Redakan your stress with the techniques below. This technique has been studied and proven to be effective at reducing stress more or less as much as 55 percent and it only takes five to seven minutes to do so. Plus, these techniques also arouse the awareness you to take more control of your body and your emotions.
Step 1: Unplug

Unplug the definition here is repeal or broke away from all distractions. This is an important first step in the process of relieving stress.

We need time to break away from the stress, distraction, and demands of life so that we can dig into the inner layers of consciousness and restore balance.

When we separate ourselves from all that can potentially make us depressed, the adrenal glands will produce stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline. The result can be normal, blood pressure and nerves are going to be quiet.
Step 2: Breathe

Many studies have shown a relationship between stress and breathing. The general pattern such as tersengal and short breath appears consistently in people who are depressed mentally.

Such conditions happening constantly coupled with irregular heartbeat will produce elevated levels of blood pressure, accumulate toxins in the body and the hormonal imbalance.

Try this: take a breath slowly and in three times through your nose and eject through the mouth. Relaxed.

Feel your stomach bulging every time a breath ditraik breath and deflate when issued. You are free to sigh. Rilekskan jaw and facial muscles.
Step 3: Watch

The key to the observation that allows for affirmations that sharp is feeling the what, the why, without good or bad judgment. For example, you can observe the political or religious rallies and fixated on a positive or negative assessment of the people involved.

If you really melepaskansemua judgment, observing events, perhaps you will arrive at very different conclusions.

Try these: Observe your body from head to toe. Notice what happens. Are you squinting or breathing too fast? Observe any for at least 60 seconds and discover its sensation, examine your posture, and notice the tension you feel, and so on.
Step 4: report

In step 4, you are encouraged to report and declare your observations to yourself, to build awareness and responsibility towards your body.

Try this: Please report the observations over your body out loud, so you can hear your own voice or say the observations silently to yourself. “I realized that my short-short of breath and my back stiff.”
Step 5: Customize

Step 5 literally means it is taking action. For example: If you are aware of your breath short-short, then you will be more relaxed and tried to get used to take a deep breath and relax.

Or if you are not aware of frequent punching, it could be that the problem of emotion or anger that pent-up, do something to drain your emotions in a healthy way, aware to get rid of negative thoughts so you no longer frequent clenched fist.
Step 6: Visualize

Step 6 is a mental step further after a physical correction in step number five. Now, let your imagination to imagine your body is changing for the better. In this step, your brain will produce chemical substances that are therapeutic and make you feel better.
Step 7: Reboot

The seventh and final step is to remember to mention all the steps from one to six above, that you should:

• Separating yourself from the things that suppress life
• Have a system to observe your body and your mental
• Stating honestly aspects that you found on the body, the emotions and the world around you.
• Making constructive adjustments over what you observe
• Visualize yourself in a new State.

8 Drink most beneficial to health

8 Drink most beneficial to health

8 Drink most beneficial to health

When you think about drinks what is most healthy for the body, perhaps you will directly answer the white water. But actually, there are several other types of drinks who also is very beneficial for health. manfaat wudhu

“A few drinks have incredible health benefits, from removing minor ailments such as indigestion to minimize the risk of osteoporosis,” said Nadeau, degree And M.D., Medical Director of Exeter Hospital’s Endocrinology and diabetes, HealthReach Nutrition Center in Exeter, New Hampshire. This is the eight types of wholesome drink you need to make your favorite drink.
Green tea

Benefits: Helps reduce the risk of osteoporosis, cancer, heart disease. Green tea is rich in flavonoids and polyphenols, natural antioxidants that can protect cells from carcinogens (cancer-causing substances) and inhibits tumor growth by helping to neutralize free radicals in the body.

Calories: 0
Mint tea

Benefits: Relieves cramps and helps ward off digestive disorders. “Mint is antispasmodic, so that it can relax the muscle, which combat stiffness and pain,” said Susan Lark, M.D., author of The Chemistry of Success (Bay Books, 1999).

It also helps digestion by promoting the movement of food through the digestive tract.

Calories: 0
Low-fat milk

Benefits: helps reduce osteoporosis. Low-fat milk has carbs in the form of healthy foods, proteins and less fat is absorbed slowly by the body so you full for longer, said Molly Pelzer, R.D., a nutrition consultant in Tipton, Iowa.

Low fat milk also helps stabilize blood sugar and is one source of calcium.

Calories: 120/230 ml
Soy milk

Benefits: lower your risk of heart disease. Soy milk contains soluble fiber and soy protein, which can lower LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglycerides that can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Calories: 81/230 ml
Hot chocolate

Benefits: Improves mood and can help protect us against heart disease. Brown increases the production of serotonin, which is responsible for regulating mood.

Low levels of serotonin is allegedly closely related to the condition of depression. Cocoa is also rich in polyphenols, an antioxidant plant that is useful to protect cells against oxidative damage that can decrease the levels of HDL or good cholesterol in the body.

Calories: 195/230 ml for homemade chocolate drinks; 115 to drink from a mixture of powdered chocolate.
Low-sodium tomato juice

Benefits: Lower risk of many types of cancer. Processed tomato products rich in antioxidants beneficial likopene lowers the risk of cancer of the lung, stomach, pancreas, colon, esophagus, mouth, breast and cervical cancer.

Calories: 31/177 ml
Cranberry juice

Benefits: helps prevent gum disease. Research shows that anti-bacterial in cranberry juice can fight urinary tract infections, it can also lower the risk of periodontal disease.

Calories: 140/230
Orange juice

Benefits: Can ward off cataracts, cancer and birth defects and immune enhancing.

Orange is a source of vitamin C, which are powerful antioxidants that can protect us against a range of ailments including cataracts and lung cancer. .

Calories: 115/230 ml

About To Vaccinated? Study Reveals we recommend that you Do in the morning

Study Reveals we recommend that you Do in the morning

Study Reveals we recommend that you Do in the morning

The vaccines needed by the human body’s immune to form against a specific disease. But even though someone has got the vaccine, it is not a 100 percent guarantee of him will be immune to the disease.


The effectiveness of the vaccines protective immunity as a form can vary but nothing to 100 percent. Therefore the best possible vaccine scientists and given on a vast population in order to effect maximum protection.


Well related thereto, a study seems to reveal other factors worth considering for the effectiveness of vaccines from the day that his deed. According to Dr. Anna c. Phillips of the University of Birmingham time administering these vaccines could be influential because the immune system responses throughout the day someone different.


The morning is the time in which the immune system reacts against the vaccine is best as has been demonstrated in studies of 276 adults. They were given flu vaccines at 911 a.m. within a week her form antibodies was higher than those who were given the vaccine at 3-5 in the afternoon.


“This is a free action that seriously could increase response vaccinationin adults without side effects,” said Phillips as quoted from Reuters, Thursday (29/4/2016).


But other health expert who was not involved in the study of Dr. Brucey. Lee of the International Vaccine Access Center says does not meanobligatory vaccinations early in the day. When indeed not had a chance because the morning busy at work, then the vaccine gets better in the afternoon than not at all.


The virus could be more Dangerous in the morning

The virus could be more Dangerous in the morning

The virus could be more Dangerous in the morning

A virus different from bacteria or a parasite, he desperately needs its host to the body’s cells and then hijacked the ‘ ingredients ‘ of existing viruses can replicate themselves. It’s just that I need to know the body’s cells is changing drastically as part of the internal body clock settings.

Related thereto a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) see infection by viruses occurs more easily in the morning. Tests on mice with influenza virus and herpes showed infection rates 10 times more if the exposure occurs in the morning rather than the afternoon. manfaat membaca al quran

Professor Akhilesh Reddy as one of the researchers said in the morning there is a gene called Bmal1 that is active in the body up to its peak during the day. When a virus comes attacking afternoon or evening it will be a little more active cell to hijacked referred as trying to take over the factory when the rest of his employees had already returned home.

“The difference is huge. Viruses need all the equipment available at the right time, because if not then the infections altogether will never happen. But when a little infection occurs in the morning likely could more quickly to control the whole body, “said Prof Reddy as cited from the BBC, Tuesday (16/8/2016).

Shift workers or people with jet lag is called researchers particularly vulnerable to this infection. Because of the natural body clock time disorientation becomes more chaotic and make easy virus attack.

“They could be a prime candidate to receive the annual flu vaccine,” said another researcher, Dr. Rachel Edgar.

The Best Body Metabolism Enhancer


When you have trouble reaching your target weight loss with just diet and exercise, you may need to consider how to speed up the metabolism of the body.

There are several methods of enhancing metabolism, but their effectiveness varies. Here are tips for speeding up metabolism that may have you heard. But, which one is most effective? We have sorted them starting from the not so effectively to the best.

Vitamin B12
Maybe you’ve heard about the benefits of vitamin B12 in improving the metabolism, both through injections or supplements. But the way is only effective in those who do indeed lack the energy and didiagnosia through a blood test. Anyway the body will get rid of excess vitamin B12. That means mengasup vitamin supplements this just wastes everyone’s money.

Early breakfast
This is a healthy habit that have often delivered its benefits. However, research shows that there is no difference in the rates of metabolism among people who daily breakfast and missed it.

Although some research shows that people who have breakfast tend to be more slender and healthy, chances are it’s because they also follow recommendations for a healthy lifestyle, such as regular exercise and eating healthy.

Eat little but often
Although you often hear that snacking is key to speeding up your metabolism, but it is really not a lot of scientific research which prove it.

However, mengasup is not a bad idea-healthy snacks because it can stabilize blood sugar levels, maintain the stamina, and prevents eating much at meal times.

Spicy food
Research shows that Chili can potentially burn fat thanks to the antioxidant called capsaicin in it. A research in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that chilli can increase metabolic rate by up to 50 calories per day.

Green tea
Content of catechins in green tea can help you burn more calories and fat. A research in Japan found that two to four cups of green tea a day can boost your metabolism by as much as 4 percent for a few hours after consuming the drinks. But the greatest benefit of green tea is that it helps the stomach longer satiety after meals.

Dairy products
Women who consume dairy products 3 to 4 times a day lost 70 percent of his body fat compared to skip food containing milk. According to a research published in the American Society for Nutritional Sciences Journal of Nutrition.

But how can this actually work? Dairy products, calcium-laden and fat burner amino acids such as leusin, helps improve muscle mass, thus increasing the body’s metabolism.

Research shows that a cup of coffee in the morning can give the metabolism. That’s because caffeine raise the heart rate and make the body in vigilance. As a result the body metabolism will burn calories to meet energy needs.

In addition, mengasup caffeine an hour before exercise proven to help burn off about 15 percent more calories after exercise.

Foods high in protein and low in fat, such as skinless chicken breasts or fish takes more energy to digest than karbohidat or fat. Thus the energy burned when digest food any more.

Bonus, foods high in protein also contains amino acids needed muscle to develop. Stomach any more durable satiated and satisfied if we mengasup protein.

Although only one night you have a poor quality of sleep, the effect the metabolism will slow down in the next morning. The energy used for routine tasks such as breathing or digesting food any time down to 20 percent.

The most disturbing of the lack of sleep is the increased hormones leptin and ghrelin, the hunger, meaning that you will be “cravings” mengasup food junk food which is usually high in fat and calories but minimal nutrition.

This consequently if Often Eat Fried foods

This consequently if Often Eat Fried foods

This consequently if Often Eat Fried foods

Fried foods, such as bananas, tofu, vegetable fritter or known as the Pan very easily found on the roadside. Not only that, any fried foods are almost always present in everyday dishes. Whereas, in the dictionary of healthy living, fried foods should be avoided.

Nutritionist from Eka Hospital Hospital BSD, Elijah Indrianingsih revealed, often eating fried foods can make your body of excess calories. Why is this so?

Elijah explains, fried foods means food cooked with oil. The oil used is generally contain high calories. Well, dalalam one fried foods, at least absorbed 1 tablespoon oil or about 100 calories. cara mengatasi hidung tersumbat

“So for example eating one know that baseball fried calories 75, when fried calories could be 175. If eat fried tofu more than one, how tuh the calories, “said Elijah in a discussion in Jakarta, Wednesday (10/8/2016).

If the body of excess calories, then it could lead to obesity or overweight. Obesity increasing stroke, diabetes, and heart.

Eat a lot of fried foods can also increase the content of fat in the blood or trigliserid. Gradually, the fat can accumulate into plaque, then going to clog the blood vessels, including the blood vessels in the brain. Moreover, if rarely exercise or physical activity.

In addition, further Elijah, due to eating fried foods, the body also will not benefit the nutrition it needs. Because with fried, some nutrient content in food will be damaged.

“It’s high temperature Frying. Nutrients that are not heat-resistant is definitely broken, “explains Elijah.

Too much or often eat fried foods also trigger irritation in the throat. According to Elijah, in addition to foodstuffs, healthy cooking methods also need to be aware of. Foods can be steamed, boiled, or dipepes.

HIV Vs Hepatitis C, Which Is More Dangerous?

hiv vs hepatitis

hiv vs hepatitis

In some people, they can be infected with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and hepatitis C at the same time. Between the two, which is actually more dangerous?


Depending on his condition. However, if it is more danger of HIV because it could cause all sorts of complications of hepatitis C than that just on the liver only. If HIV‘s can make people subject to a heart attack or other dangerous disease, “said Dr. Dr. Ari Fahrial Sham SpPDKGEHfrom the Faculty of medicine, University of IndonesiaRS Cipto Mangunkusumo.


In the discussions with detikHealth, Dr. Ari asserts the complications that can occur depending on the patient’s condition as well. If left untreated, hepatitis C can also make people suffered liver cancer, whereas HIV can cause death.


Contacted separately, Ayu Ikatan Oktariani Indonesia Positive Womenfrom (IPPI) says between HIV and hepatitis C, there is nothing more dangerous. Only, it can be cured of hepatitis while on HIV, drugs consumed nature just to hold the development rate of the virus, not the deadly virus.


Meanwhile, hepatitis C there is a medicine that can heal. According toAyu, the level of danger they are both the same. If hepatitis a attacks the liver, is an important organ in the body, then HIV immune damage.Talk about complications that can arise, Ayu said the actual HIV virus can be suppressed with the consumption of Antitetroviral (ARV) so that the immune system is much more powerful.


However, She said most people don’t pay attention to hepatitis incurred so that the State of the liver deteriorates. If the treatment cures HIV and hepatitis are not balanced, will cause the person pain again. If not immediately treated, the situation will certainly be more dangerous and deadly.


In addition, She emphasizes vigilance over HIV and hepatitis C are especially important. Although, according to Her current reality, vigilanceagainst these two conditions is still low.


Vigilance is low not only on users of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, and substances (DRUGS) additive injection but on everyone, because information about hepatitis a does not exist at all. Then, lack of socialization from the Government. Even ahead of the July 28, which istoday the world’s Hepatitis C, there is no service or advertising billboards, “said Ayu.

Here’s How To Prevent Hepatitis A Is Not Easily Contagious

Here's How To Prevent Hepatitis A Is Not Easily Contagious

Here’s How To Prevent Hepatitis A Is Not Easily Contagious

Hepatitis is a chronic disease of the liver due to an infection from a virus which when not dealt with either disease can cause cancer. The World Health Organization (WHO) notes for the Southeast Asia region alone it is estimated there are about 30 million people with specific hepatitis C and 160 thousand of them die each year.

The large number of people with the deceased put hepatitis competes with other diseases such as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and tuberculosis as the most deadly infectious diseases in the world. Although already available medication to cure it but still the best way of prevent hepatitis is not easily spread from the beginning. makanan penyebab kantuk

Dr Ari Fahrial sham, SpPD-KGEH, Cipto Mangunkusumo from hospital (RSCM) says in principle when one is known to have hepatitis then it needs to maintain a lifestyle. The virus usually spreads through body fluids blood so it mainly to watch out for.

“Not another pair just one legitimate consort, do not use sharp objects such as toggle razor because it can have a risk for infectious although small. The use of tattoos are also more carefully because of the risk of also having big enough, “said Dr. Ari to detikHealth.

Contacted separately Dr. Dr. Rino Alvani Gani, SpPD, K-GEH, FINASIM, also from RSCM says someone should at least once in a lifetime take time checked themselves for hepatitis. For people who have been hit by the disease then checking him every 1 to 6 years.

The purpose of that is as a precaution early detection before symptoms arise so that the disease will be easier to treat.

“Directly doing the treatment. It is recommended to use the drug that has certainly given by doctors do not use natural ways uncertain truth like using turmeric or temulawak, that there is no influence, “said Dr. Rino.

“It’s so you don’t waste time because the minute is valuable has to cure the disease,”

Food-Lift Immunity

Food-Lift Immunity

Food-Lift Immunity

Dare to choose food in the disease as it is now. There are several types of foods recommended experts to improve the durability of the body.

1. Yogurt
Probiotics, or good bacteria contained in yogurt produce a natural antibiotic that helps the integrity of the intestinal mucosa, metabolic processes, and to improve the immunity of the body.

2. Oatmeal
Oatmeal and barley also contain beta-glucan, a type of fiber that acts as an antimicrobial and antioxidant. Apart from increasing the antibodies the body, food consumption, this will speed up the healing process and help antiobiotik work better.

3. Garlic
Various literature recommended garlic as a type of food that are beneficial to health. Garlic contains allicin is effective against infections and bacteria. A study also shows people who routinely consume garlic 30 percent lower risk of getting cancer of the colon.

4. Fish
Selenium that is widely found in seafood, such as shellfish, lobster, crab, or fish, will help white blood cells produce cytokine protein which will repel the flu virus out of the body. Salmon, mackerel, or in other marine fish rich in omega-3 that effectively reduce inflammation, increase circulation and protect the lungs from infection.

5. Tea
People who drink 5 cups of black tea daily for two weeks of interferon known to have 10 times higher in the blood than those who did not drink tea. Interferon is a contrarian. In addition, tea also contains the amino acid L-theanin, responsible for increasing body endurance. This Theanin found on green tea or black tea.

Excess Appetite? lower with this food

Excess Appetite? lower with this food

Excess Appetite? lower with this food

Control your appetite is not something easy to do, especially for those who are accustomed to eating in great numbers. Or those who have a hobby of culinary adventure. Of course, this can mess up the diet program.

The solution, please keep your meal, simply select the type of food that can expel excessive appetite such as the foods here.

Although barley is one source of carbohydrates, including barley that encourages calorie burning energy quickly, so according to the latest research from Lund University in Sweden.

Barley can also decrease appetite and blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of diabetes. This is because the barley has two types of fiber, soluble and insoluble, that can get you quick satiety and taste satisfied.
Red chili

Researchers at Purdue University found that red chili can curb your appetite and increase calorie-burning-especially if you’re to consume.

Just a half teaspoon red chili powder and you can already feel the calorie-burning effects generated by this spice.
Meat without fat

Source of protein without the fat is one of the best to control appetite. manfaat sit up

The study, published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics confirms that fill your plate with lean protein of high quality, able to repel frequent snacking desire appears in between meals.

Already starved a few hours after breakfast and lunch time is still long? Eating only almonds.

A study published in the European Journal of Nutrition 2015 women who eat almonds in between breakfast and lunch, was reported to feel more satiated so that their lunch and dinner a little more.

Eating salmon can help you feel full longer due to the content of fatty acids Omega-this is high.

According to a study published in the journal Cell Metabolism, the production of the hormone leptin 2013 increased after consuming Omega-3 fatty acids and leptin are useful to suppress hunger in people who have a healthy weight.

Different effects may be acquired by persons who are obese. Another source of omega-3s are tuna, trout, and mackerel.
Fenugreek Tea

A small study in year 2015 Korea found that women who drink tea-fenugreek, reportedly packed in quantities less than their counterparts who drank other types of tea and tea plsebo.

This is the case, largely because they feel their hunger is lost immediately after drinking this tea.