Strategy Clash of clans coc Online for Beginners

Clash of Clans game play not just click there click here or there attack attack here or just waking up this and that. But in playing the game COC requires a good strategy of how to get Gold and Elixir and how to defend against your opponent and how to protect Gold and Elixir and when the right moment to attack.

In the early stages of game play coc cheat online we will face some problems to be able to develop our villages, for example the availability of Gold and Elixir, Availability Builder (workers), at least we can make troops, lack of defense and Barack least so more time in making the troops. Things above make us need a strategy to play the COC. The following COC Strategies for Beginners that need attention.

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Schedule Builder to Work

Availability Builder slightly certainly makes a lot of queuing to get up and upgraded. Not to mention the availability of Gold and Elixir are depleted, For that we have to schedule and organize what should be done. Prioritizing your to Upgrade Storage Builder Gold and Elixir, you have to know when you are finished doing its job Builder. If it is so then the Gold and Elixir prepare for the next job. Upgrading Storage after next is the defense, upgrade one by one, as well as Army Camp and Barack.

Gems tube you to Purchase Builder

Sometimes we can not wait Builder works, when Gold and Elixir abundant, but there are no idle Builder to be able to do the upgrade. This sometimes makes us impatient so Builder finished work. With our hands Enteng click the “Finish Now” to get the job finished and we esteemed Gems savings drift.

Coc strategy for beginners

The Gems that should we tubes to buy a third Builder for 500 gems.

Price Builder – strategy coc

You should know that prices differ Builder and increasingly expensive as the number of builder you have. To purchase a 3rd builder you need 500 gems, builder 4th 1000 gems and builder all you have to provide 2000 5 gems.

When the attack in no Active Shield

When first playing the game COC, you will obtain protection for 3 days, at that time you can use to build and upgrade. On the game screen you will be shown up when your shield will be active as shown below.

Active Shield

As I marked with a red box, it means Shield or future protection coc I stayed 3 hours, During this period the base I would not be attacked. And at this time we should prepare our forces so that when Shield is active we can directly attack. Or you can use this time to attack in Single Player,

We will get Gold and Elixir when we are able to destroy the base in the single player, each level will get the gold and elixir different, getting down the value of Gold and Elixir obtained will be even greater. And in the attack on the single player there is no time limit.

Protect Gold and Elixir

Some people are concerned with protecting their townhall than Gold and Storage Elixir they were full. If I personally better protect Gold and Elixir and let Townhall are outside the fence. If our troops are ready then the trophy will be very easy. Fence your base and place the Gold and Elixir’s place inaccessible by the enemy. Position the security around him that are not easily destroyed.

When Will Strike Forces of Production

Before you attack with full force, the production again your forces in Barack. If you are already full Army Camp, the troops will be queued and will be produced when you are attacked. Well when you’re done attacking, chances are your troops in Army Camp has been increased and full, so you do not have to wait long to attack again.
Optimize forces

In the attack to seek Gold and Elixir no need to bring a complete troops or forces that could be considered heavy troops. Bring the troops just as necessary, such as Berbers and Archer, or full barbarians or in combination with Goblin. Bring the troops were rapidly making that frequency you in attacking more so rapidly accumulated Gold and Elixir.

In selecting the opponent, choose an opponent who is not too strong, the stock Gold and Elixir abundant but look at storagenya empty. That suggests that Gold and Elixir are still piled up in the Gold Mine and Elixir Collector. So you just simply attack the Gold mine and Elixir Collectornya course, does not need to be stabbed into the defense. Because usually most Gold Mine and Elixir Collector beyond the pale.

For example, as shown below, we have to patiently look easy opponent criteria taken Gold and Elixirnya so troops that we bring more optimal and get maximum results.

Never Too Fast Upgrade Townhall

If you are too quick to raise Town Hall will multiply you should upgrade, and work your builder will increasingly accumulate. If the Town Hall you high while the defense and forces you have not upgraded up to then later in the War you will get a rate townhall same, so if your enemy with the Town Hall the same but have a defense and force maximum then the Clan you will be hard to beat.

Would be better if you do not hurry to upgrade Town Hall, Upgrade all defenses and upgrade all your troops in the Lab, when it was stuck all, then you are worthy of raising the level of Town Hall you though Gold Mine and Elixir Collector is not maximized, because Gold and Elixir can you get by attacking the opponent.

Scientists Said the most appropriate ways of strengthening muscles Without weariness

strengthening muscles Without weariness

strengthening muscles Without weariness

Exercise to strengthen muscles much avoided due to its perceived tiring at the same time painful. However it turns out, the correct way to strengthen your muscles aren’t supposed to make a weariness.

To strengthen the muscle, as long as this person did a number of repetitions or reps movement with load is gradually increased. This way always makes muscles feel sore, so many people get to do it.

Now, the experts revealed that light burden can provide an equivalent effect if movement is done with more stamping or explosive. The muscles become stronger, but less perceived weariness.

According to scientists, the muscles become stronger through a process called contraction. Muscles become stronger and retracts when tightening. A slow contraction is called ‘ Hurricane ‘ contraction while the contraction is short termed ‘ contraction ‘ explosive.

Scientists compare the effectiveness both in exercising muscle power. Experiments conducted with 40 contraction, which consists of 4 sets of 10 reps. Each is done 3 times a week for 3 months. So quoted from Dailymail, Monday (14/6/2016).

As a result, explosive contraction easier and painless. The effect on the strength of a muscle contraction observed hurricane equivalent. However, Hurricane contraction still is more effective if its purpose is not merely strengthen but also form the muscle mass

Useless Exercise If Weight Doesn’t down?

useless Exercise If Weight Doesn't down

useless Exercise If Weight Doesn’t down

Many people feel disappointed weight after months of diligent exercise, but not his weight is also down. They are not aware of something far more useful than weight loss.

A study revealed that endurance sports or endurance training on a regular basis for 2-6 months did not always effectively lose weight. Sometimes not even give effect at all. cara menghitung berat badan ideal

But there is good news that should not be ruled out. The same study proves that these sports are able to trim fat visceral fat, which is hidden in the abdominal cavity. This is how much fat is associated with a variety of deadly diseases.

The study stressed that sports is far more influential on health risks, than just the weight. Some people have a low weight, but more at risk of having a heart attack because it didn’t work out.

Scientists from John Moores University in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands at the Radboud University analyzed 117 previous research to arrive at this conclusion. They compare the fitness program, reduction in calories, as well as its effect on body weight and body composition.

As a result, after 2-6 months exercise on a regular basis weight only decreased about 1 percent of the total by weight range 0-4 kg. While in body composition, visceral fat composition of the decline occurred as much as 6 percent.

To emphasize the benefits of exercise, the scientists gave illustrations of the comparison. Every weight loss of 5 percent after sports, visceral fat, about 13.2 percent. While each weight loss by as much as 5 percent due to a decrease in caloric intake, visceral fat decreases only 13.4 percent.

Tips I Make more Account coc Games in one Gadget

Coc (Clash of Clans) is a strategy game, and the battle simulator that makes us addicted to continue memainkannnya. Initially to upgrade the buildings in this game for a while, but with the high level of your building, then it is time to upgrade the building grew old. To wait for the duration of the upgrade of the building’s good we played our other accounts on the same device without having to remove a previous account. In this article I will share my experience in playing the game coc with multiple accounts on one device.

Every day at least I play the game is more than 10x login. Until my android phone or gadget heat, battery cepet exhausted, scared later time more fun playing my android phone exploded because overheating. Luckily now I can play via a laptop or computer coc android phone so I can be more durable. Other than that I can be online continuously so it’s impossible for my village was attacked. Safe deh gold and elixir in my village. Because the main preoccupation makes me so hooked id or the accounts of the new Clash of Clans. So I have a lot of accounts or id coc. I was thinking how to do play coc with many accounts in a single gadget or android phone? Finally, I know how to play coc multi id in one hp.

How to play the game Clash of Clans on laptop with BlueStacks

you get into the game coc
select menu settings, picture gear
press google + sign-ins of connected to disconnect, disconnect if the previous status, press the button until the first change to connected, the new press again google + sign in again from connected to disconnected, this first account so that you are not lost.
press the link device
press the button to sign-in
select the email account, if you’ve previously logged in, if not add accounts and then enter your email and password you gameid coc
press okay
type “CONFIRM” in all capital letters without quotation marks and then press the button okay

Now you have entered into your other coc id. To re-login / switch to the account or id you previously, repeat from step one and select your email id coc you want to play.

Not clear how? can see the picture.

how to play 2 en Clash of Clans or more in android

How Switching or play with multiple accounts Clash of Clans

cara memainkan 2 id clash of clans atau lebih di android
Cara Menswitch atau bermain dengan multi akun Clash of clans

Let me be clear again can watch the video tutorial Easy Ways to Play (Clash Of Clans) COC With Multi ID

Tips Download Apk File Android from PC Dekstop

How to download Android apps via the computer you’ll find at this Full Version sites. Android application is an application that can rarely be found on websites other than Google Play. Although there is also a provider of applications for Android, but not as complete as in the Play Store (Google Play). How to download was not in vain, the application or game can be downloaded using the Android-powered gadget or Android device to be installed. Eg Android smartphone or tablet. However, now there is some way of downloading Android applications and games via computer / PC / desktop. To download the APK file of the Google Play Store is very easy and free of course. We do not need to install a program or application on your computer or on your phone, all done already provides a web-based download a file from the Play Store APK.

The trick is quite easy, even people who are just peggang computer can too. Immediately, we move on to how to download from the Google Play Store APK below:

How to Download the Aplication Android of the Google Play Store

download apk dari playsrore

Step 1 – Open URL

Google Drive Play Store

Step 2 – Open or click on “Visit the Play Store” to search for apps, games or whatever that will be downloaded from the play store.

Google Drive Play Store

Step 3 – Check the address bar, copy the link Google Play Store.

Step 4 – Paste the link in the column that has been provided on the site that was opened in step 1.

paste link google play store apk

paste link google play store apk

Step 5 – Click on “Generate Download Link”

Step 6 – Time to download! Please click on the green button labeled “Click here to download now to download the APK file of Google Drive as an example.

To see a video tutorial how to download the APK file of the Google Play Store please click here.

Done already the answer to the question how to download the apk from Google Play Store. Unfortunately at this time can download the apk from the app or game for free only on the play store.

Top 5 Games Online for Warnet

Online gaming is not currently can only be played by adults who can operate a computer and the Internet well, but the fact is precisely the children who became the main consumers of online games. So make the most crowded cafe met by friendly children, ranging from age 6 years. However, not infrequently lovers online game derived from adults, even fathers and mothers were also not want to miss.

Therefore, if you want to always crowded cafe frequented by the customer, then you must install at least 5-10 games online in your cafe. The amount is relatively small, due to the large cafe-cafe or gaming center usually has a lot of options online gaming applications which are presented to customers. However, if you belong to small Internet cafe Internet cafe, you do not have to install a lot of applications online games because it will put you when the patch / update, at least you install some online games are the most preferred by the visitor / user in your cafe. Here OperatorImut will provide a review of some of the best-selling online games and much favored by visitors.

Game Online sellers who Mandatory Was Client Warnet
1. Point Blank.
Game one is definitely not to be missed, it must exist in the client pc cafe if you want your cafe crowded, because the online gamers love with the game of war.
Point Blank is a genre of computer games that are played online FPS. The game was developed by Zepetto of South Korea and published by NCSoft. In addition to South Korea, this game has its own server in a few countries such as Thailand, Russia, Indonesia, Brazil, Turkey, United States and Peru. In Indonesia, the game is managed by PT. Kreon through Gemscool. Point Blank is about the feud between the Free Rebels and the government in this case is a Counter Terrorist Force

2. Lost Saga.
This game is equally larisnya and must be installed by all the cafe because the game is well-liked by the user, ranging from elementary school children to adults like the game on this one because the game is great, easy to play and there is always the latest updates every week which must always eagerly awaited by gamers. OperatorImut in the cafe itself, this game is a game that is most in demand by users, nearly 80% of users who come to play this game.
Lost Saga itself is a free game to play and fight MMORPG. Developed by “IO Entertainment” in South Korea. Spread in some countries such as the company “Z8Games” in the United States, the “Asiasoft” in Thailand and “Forums” in Indonesia

3. Dragon Nest.
Dragon Nest is a free fantasy MMORPG developed by Eyedentity. The game was put on non-target combat system so that the players have full control over every movement of his character. Dragon Nest asked his players to upgrade his character by making the team and ventured into a dungeon. One more game Gemscool issue is also highly favored by gamers and become one of the best-selling online game in Indonesia.

4. The Atlantica.
MMORPG of this Gemscool fitting for the cafe because many game lovers play this MMORPG. But, in the cafe OperatorImut Sendir this game is uninstalled because besides rarely played by the user, patch the game is also quite large. However, this game is one game that is popular in Indonesia.

5. Audition Ayodance
Audition Online (Korean: 오디션 온라인), also known as Dancin ‘Paradise in Japan, is a multiplayer game online casual rhythm game that can be downloaded produced by T3 Entertainment. In Awalanya launched in South Korea in 2005, but now has spread all over the world with different dealers. Audition Online is free to play but we have to buy virtual items such as clothing players (Avatar).
In the South Korean version of the PSP (named Audition Portable) and mobile versions circulated on June 1, 2007 and June 4, 2007.
On June 12, 2008, Korean Audition now has reached version 2 (Audtion 2). Audition 2 presents a new interface, a sound system, and a better expression.
and on 15 August 2013, Audtion korea audition has released version 3 (World in Audtion).
Although most of the player’s game average is the female gamers, but also not infrequently male gamers who also  this game.

Tips to Reduce and Prevent Addiction to Games for Children

I think most people enjoy the game, of course in a different form. Father Mother may be familiar with a variety of traditional games such as engkle (standing and jumping from plot to plot with one leg raised) or congklak, while children may now be more familiar with Angry Birds or Minecraft.

Some parents – perhaps including Father Mother – worrying habit of excessive play games children. Why does the child can last for hours in front of the console screen or a tablet? In addition because they may never be introduced to other activities that are just as fun,

Not far out of sync with the condition of children and adolescents newly engaged adults. Children and adolescents can be addicted to play the game until he could spend many hours in a day for playing the game he loved. Sometimes When playing games online that are connected using the Internet can make a willing to spend lots of money for buying stuff dreams for supporting games that are being played.

Some negative impacts / consequences of excessive bad Main Game in Children and Adolescents:
Inhibiting the eyes because the eyes diporsir kept staring at the screen for a close
Poly ignore important things such as eat, drink, urinate immediately, socializing, etc.
Could Disrupt school performance because of the reduced time and concentration of children’s learning
Mental and spiritual can hypnotize When you play a game that contains impact ugly
Laptops, handhelds, cell phones, cell phone, tablet, and others as rapidly damaged because often used
Health capable upset because the lack of movement and lack of exercise and too poly sit
Those are some of the principal case buoyant If children / adolescents are poly play the game. Make that parents should be able to restrict children to play games. Do not to let children just play the game their own wishes without any control from the parents. Not only at home, but outside the residence even children can play games via mobile phones excessively, ps rental, Internet cafe online games, gadgets friends, and others.

Tips on How to Eliminate habits Children / Ramaja Playing Game excessive:

Kids invites Joint activity
Find out what our children preferred. Maybe children as addicted to gaming because it does not know that there are still many interesting things they can carry on a real global. Invite your child discussion on matters of global sightly on concrete. If it is possible, then do it as a result of the discussion using the child as long as it is good. Model: travel-area neighborhood looker, exercise war, selling at fairs, managing empty garden, generate business, finding a soul-mate, and so forth. We recommend that children so do not have time to play the game because it is too busy playing in the global concrete.

Main Game together Children
Go into the world of fantasy games our children. Make a comfortable conditions as a result of children who do not feel burdened playing games with us. Gradual damage a child for alternately so that children can do other activities for ourselves or others are receiving their turn to play the game. Slowly but absolute ask your child to create a game that is played using a switch the games can be played together for fun-appeal. Using so the child will not have a poly when play the game alone is able to make entry into the virtual global in mind.

Giving Victims Game
Look for news, information, videos, etc. are associated with adverse effects to play the game because it is done incorrectly. In view of the needs of children into a rethink for playing games beyond the normal limits of hyperbole on / fairness.

Children regained her future Bleak / No Clear
The latter is used to remind the child for preparing himself for the terms of the tough conditions that may occur in the days to come. Global competition work and effort could result in a child who is not ready to be losers and eventually had to be willing to live in economic terms is completely mediocre as a result could not do a lot of things to be desired. So it is expected that using children as biological aware that could create discomfort in days to come must be prepared from as early as possible.

Father Mom can take children to tell keseruan game being played, or even write in a diary or blog. It can be a bridge create a constructive learning of his preferred activities, namely the penchant to play the game. So that children can be more than just playing games

The Dangers of Online Games for Children

As the development of the technology world, helped to develop in the game world. It is characterized by the emergence of increasingly sophisticated games, namely game online name.

Since online gaming is gaining popularity in Indonesia, this game lovers are getting increasing. Fans ranging from children, even to the elderly once. This is reasonable, because this game is cool, because it has advantages that can be played online, and can connect with people all over the world. So do not be surprised, if the rental places online game is always crowded with customers.

1. Children being lazy

Dangers of online game first is a child will be a slacker. I wish sat in front of a laptop or computer, and do not want to be disturbed. If it’s like this, they do not want in order pushed around, do not want to learn, even so do not go to school.

Which is even more dangerous, if the nature of this lazy could be permanently settled in the souls of children. If it’s like this, usually they are difficult to set up, or directed about goodness.

2. Children become stupid

With more frequently play online games, the time children would be much taken only to do it alone. In fact, early childhood is the best age to learn, and absorb various positive sciences, both through formal education like any non-formal.

If you’ve been lazy to learn because of the busy jamming game, certainly children would be foolish. In fact, it could be when at school, their minds fixed on the game they are. In fact, worse still, many are skipping school without the knowledge of their parents, thanks go to the online game rental.

3. Children’s health can be impaired

Is it true that online games can affect children’s health? So here, we can trace the first cause one-on-one, and melogikakan why until children can be unhealthy because often play games online.

The first is the name of the computer monitor radiation containing UV (Ultra Violet). So, the more often children glares at a computer, certainly more likely to suffer from nearsightedness early in their eyes. For cases like this, have a lot of evidence.

While there may be some of the latest monitors that do not emit UV light, but still light monitors the eye continuously, would be bad also for the eyes of children.

The next one is, with the frequent jamming game, yes it was, children become lazy to eat. Even if you’ve been sitting, wants to play continuously from morning until evening. Well, this resulted in their eating patterns become irregular, and of course, the chance of developing various diseases.

Not to mention for playing games constantly, would disturb their rest periods. Though children do in its infancy, requires adequate rest periods (like sleep) in the afternoon and evening. If their sleep time is less, this will result in disruption of the growth process of the child. It is not even impossible, they will easily become sick.

4. Children become addicted

The next danger is that a child will become addicted to online games. Kalu has been like that, they are very difficult to separate from the gaming world. Surely it would be more alarming thing, where they’re just full of life with the name of the game play.

As a result of this addiction, can make them maniac game, until they are older. The risks are clear, that they will become lazy, become stupid, and their health will be severely impaired.

For that, as a good parent, you should pay attention more seriously to the development of your child. It could be at home they have never seen play the game, but outside they often do. The point is that you have to do is, keep an eye on any changes and the development of your child.

Make it a mutual agreement to limit the time playing online games. And agree anyway shape penalties if violated ananda. Every now and take your time to play with him. Invite she walks to the place that awakens concern. Frequently you say positive words to ananda, including sentences that show appreciation if find any number of positive changes in the behavior of ananda. Provide alternative other fun activities. Try switching attention ananda with a variety of positive activities, so that the days become solid. Finally, the child’s dependence on online gaming activity does require attention from various parties, including government, parents or employers engaged in Internet services. Do not let the existence of online games makes this generation does not have the capability anything, except his ability in playing the game.